Tokenomics' staking service is currently available on the Cardano blockchain.
Delegating your ADA with us is the best way to show your support.

Pool Data

Pledge: 500,000

Fixed Fee: 340

Variable Fee: 2%

This is a set amount of ADA that Tokenomics will maintain to ensure higher rewards and the validity of the pool. The higher the Pledge, the higher the rewards. (With some math in between)

This is a fixed fee that is deducted from the earnings of the entire pool before any rewards are distributed to help pay for server costs related to the pool. Running a node isn't cheap!

The Variable Fee is a tax deducted from every delegator's rewards. This level of tax will barely cover our costs.

Pool Analytics

Click here for even more pool statistics!

Need to Store your ADA?

This lightweight wallet by EMURGO was built exclusively for the Cardano blockchain
This full-node Cardano wallet by IOHK stores a complete copy of the blockchain
Our favorite hardware wallet, with in-app staking support on the way